Retreat Spain

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Below are entries from the visitors book.

"a place of magic and golden healing. Better than any doctors in the world can achieve. Thank you so much. " ..... N

" I have been in this magical place several times and intend to come back whenever I can. When you have found paradise, why keep on looking? " ..... J

" I've loved being here! I'm looking for reasons to come back again soon! " ..... A

"I feel so lucky to have had such an incredible week in Spain. This place is perfection, I don't want to leave.

Thank you again for such a lovely experience" ..... S

" If Heaven has a place on Earth, I think you found it! " ..... R

"An oasis of calm in the chaos of life. Beautiful pool, amazing setting, hot lazy sunny days, good company, great food, peace and tranquility. A much welcome opportunity to step out of everyday life and just 'Be'.

I'd love to come again." .....T

"Well, amazing, fantastic, magical, beautiful, one of the best holidays I have ever experienced." ..... S

" I just love this place and the magic that happens here. " ..... K

"I'm trying to say something to express how this week has been - but words almost fail me! I've been on quite a fantastic journey this week simple and profound, beautiful, challenging, fun and very loving.

I love this place, the house and earth have given me so much; peace, stimulation. lovely connectedness. Keep on keeping on." .....N

" Thank you for the blessing of your beautiful retreat home, I have so appreciated the loving kindness in all that is provided here. I return feeling refreshed and and at ease - blessed by the beauty and love." .....G

"Thank you for sharing the lovely space with such a spirit of generosity. It's been a great holiday retreat with a group of lovely people. Thank you for creating a safe environment for me to share my truth.

I've really enjoyed my nights out on the terrace seeing the stars moving slowly across the sky and waking up in the morning amongst the mountains hearing the water below ." ..... D

" Many thanks to the group of special people gathered her this week.

Words seem inadequate to convey the gifts I am taking back home. I came with a partially formed agenda and am returning with a renewed direction with many alternatives." ..... M

" This has been for me the most life changing week.

I guess everyone comes here for different reasons. Whatever they are though comfort, peace, sunshine and incredible hospitality can be assured.

I found it a safe place to learn more about my 'authentic' self and developed more self acceptance. I met some amazing people, I hope to keep in touch with many of them for a long time to come.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough nor adequately express my heartfelt gratitude for the warmth, compassion and integrity shared in this wonderful space. " .... J

" I have never felt so relaxed, happy, confident, - lots of things, all good.

I hope I continue feeling this way back home. I have loved my week here. The scenery is unbelievable. I can't wait to see my family and friends, I just wish they would come to Spain, instead of me going back to rainy England. Thank you. " .....R

" It seems to me that a good retreat is a place that encourages 'being' in a world that is obsessed with 'doing' and I find this a brilliant place to BE. I think that you have created something really special here.

Thank you, may your creation continue to grow and flourish." ..... J

"So many thank you's!

Thank you for the love kindness and hospitality.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and all your delicious kitchen creations.

Thank you for my first introduction to Spain.

I could go on but suffice to say you made my stay here so special and my memories of the time spent here will stay in my heart forever." ..... A

" I have loved the simplicity of some good company, still mountains, a cool pool to swim in. Such a lovely place to find myself at a time of great transition in my life." .... D

" A lovely space to be still which provided the perfect opportunity to transit between 'life' (as I know it) and Cortijo Romero, where I am now going to chant, meditate some more and yoga-i se my body. Thanks for all the company, food, laughter and just a little wine. " ..... S

" A stay here proves Einstein's Theory of Relativity! Time certainly stretches and allows one to do so much.

Relaxed and at one with the world. Thank you for your hospitality. Thank you to everyone who has shared these days with me. " .... Z

"Was here for 4 days but have experienced a fortnights rejuvenation!

I go home happier, browner, calmer and healthier. Thank you." ..... J

"This is the best holiday I have ever had. Time is a precious thing and for me to have spent it here has been one of the most special moments of my life. " ..... C